Bank Street School Green Space

Bank Street School GS 7A large grass covered sport field and playground surrounded a several Garry oak trees near the rocky outcrop complete this neighborhood green space at the old Bank Street School. The two story brick school building was built in nineteen ten for the Victoria School District 61. The historical building hosts the Victoria College of Arts. A second school building, near the playground, is Sundance Alternative School. The green space is frequented by dog walkers and sports enthusiasts. There are field goal posts too. Along Bank Street there are a couple of raised bed gardens beside the schooling-fish outdoor art on the chain linked fence. The paved area between the school buildings is marked for basketball, just a half court, and several games of four squares. The playground is excellent yet considered dated since it is unpainted steel. The equipment has the imaginative geometric forms for a dome climber, rectangular monkey bar prism and a rocket ship. Along the southern end of the school yard is a split cedar fence designed to shelter the meadow under the Garry oak trees. The Royal Jubilee Hospital Green Space – Begbie Green is about a block north along Bank Street. A proposed natural  parkland, Kasapi Park, is just across Leighton Street at the junction with Bank Street.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 40″ W123° 19′ 41″

Bank Street School Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fort Street and continue to Bank Street, one block past Richmond Road. Turn right onto Bank Street and look for the green space and the large brick school building on the corner of Bank and Leighton streets. There is roadside parking along Fell Avenue, Leighton Street and Bank Street as well as a small parking area near the buildings. City buses travel along Fort Street between downtown and the University of Victoria.


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