George Jay Elementary School Green Space

Named after a school board chair, George Jay Elementary School was built by nineteen ten. The green space of the school can be seen though the lovely Norway maple, purple leaved flowering plums and flowering cherry trees along Princess Avenue. Or if you access the Queens Avenue side of the green space, look for the double white hawthorn trees along the boulevard. The school yard has a couple of sets of play equipment and a large grassy sports field with goal posts at each end. The asphalt has basketball court, labyrinth, and four square markings. As part of the Victoria School District 61, this green space is available outside of school hours. Queen Park borders on the school property.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 59″ W123° 21′ 1″

George Jay Elementary School Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Bay Street and continue past Cook Street to Chambers Street, where there is street side parking. The school green space borders along Cook Street, Princess Ave and Chambers street. City buses travel along Cook and Bay streets. There is limited roadside parking along either streets.


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