Wark Park

Wark Park playground, Quadra/Hillside

A small gem, Wark Park is almost a quarter of a hectare of parkland in the Quadra/Hillside neighborhood of the City of Victoria, British Columbia. A excellent playground is surrounded by a woodchip surface. The playground area is surrounded by grass that is shaded by some large trees. There are a couple of garden beds near King Street that are part of the Wark Street Community Gardens. There are raised platforms and sliding apparatus as well as tunnels and climbing walls. The park is partially fenced with a chain-link wire fence and borders on Wark Street and a back alley way of businesses along Quadra Street. A paved fifty-five meter pathway cuts across the park. This park is well worth a visit after shopping and strolling along Quadra Street Village. A large grassy field of the Quadra Community Green Space is across King Street.

Geographic coordinates N48° 26′ 14″ W123° 21′ 35″

Wark Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Hillside Avenue and take the first right onto Quadra Street. Take the next right onto Kings Road. Look for the park at the junction of Kings and Wark streets. A city bus travels along Quadra Street from downtown to Broadmead/Royal Oak area. Another bus travels along Hillside Avenue from downtown toward the University of Victoria.




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