Blackwood Green, Victoria, BC

This is a lovely two part green space with a rose garden and a playlot. Blackwood Green is a good place for an outing and include in a longer stroll in this Victoria neighborhood. An excellent place to stop and smell the roses. If you have children the playlot is a partial fenced grassy area of about two and a half hectares. There are swings, slides and a small sandpit. Come on out and enjoy the outdoors and see some Garry oak trees up close. Wesley Park is a couple of blocks way across Cook Street down Wesley Place. Mt Stephen Ryan Park is up Mt Stephen Road toward Hillside Avenue.

Geographic position N48° 26′ 12″ W123° 21′ 9″

You can get to Blackwood Green from Patricia Bay Highway (which becomes Blanchard Street) . Turn east onto Hillside Avenue and continue to Cook Street. Turn southward on Cook Street and take the second right onto Haultain Street, just before Bay Street. The park is on both sides of the street which curves to become Blackwood Street, where there is roadside parking. A bus travels along Cook Street and Hillside Avenue from downtown to the areas near the University of Victoria.



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