Oaklands Green

Oaklands Green cylinderical mosaic 2At the junctions of Hamilton Road, Belmont Avenue and Holly Street is a grassy triangular area with native plant garden beds called Oaklands Green. The woodchip footpath leads around the arbutus and Douglas fir trees and native plant garden beds. There are also several large Garry oak trees. A distinctive outdoor art in the form of a concrete cylindrical mosaic pillar, called the Diversity Pillar, was created by Sandra Millott with cooperation of the members of the Oaklands Community Center. This green is included in the Oaklands Greenway Loop. The loop includes Mt Stephen Ryan Park, the Jewish Cemetery, Ryan Ivy Green, Ivy Place Knoll, Oaklands Elementary School Green Space and Ryan Hill Park.

Geographic position N48° 26′ 28″ W123° 20′ 21″Oaklands Green footpath

You can get to Oakland Green from Patricia Bay Highway (which becomes Blanchard Street) . Turn east onto Hillside Avenue and continue to Belmont Avenue. Turn south on Belmont and look for the Green at the junction with Holly and Hamilton roads. There is limited parking along Belmont Avenue, Hamilton Road or Holly Street. A bus travels along Hillside Avenue from downtown to the University of Victoria.


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