Clawthorpe Park

Clawthorpe Park is in Victoria, B.C., one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Clawthorpe Park is a great place to wear out some energetic kids before heading into Hillside Mall. There is plenty of space to stretch your legs in the nearly half a hectare parkland that is part of Victoria’s outdoor spaces. The play equipment includes toddler friendly swings, monkey bars and swing rings. The spiral slide starts from the second story of the play set that has climbing ladders and a tunnel. Come and explore the large grass cover area and the enjoy the large willow trees. You really must take a look at this park. There are several benches and picnic tables. The park is fenced along North Dairy Road. Clawthorpe Park is close to Oswald Park.

Geographic position N48° 25′ 52″ W123° 20′ 23″

You can get to Clawthorpe Park from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Hillside Avenue and continue to Doncaster Drive, just before Hillside Mall. Turn onto Doncaster, northward, until you reach Clawthorpe Street. Turn east and look for the parking at the end of street. Clawthorpe Park borders on North Dairy Road but there is no roadside parking along North Dairy. A city bus route is along North Dairy Road and other city bus routes follow Hillside Avenue and Shelbourne Street.


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