Panorama Recreation Center Park

Eric Sherman Trail, Panorama Rec Center, North SaanichThese wonderful set of outdoor areas: park, playground and forest trail, are set outside the extensive rooms of the Panorama Recreation Center, a facility designed for all kinds of sports. The grassy parkland is located outside parking area near the main entrance of the center. A pedestrian pathway leads across the parking lot to the manicured lawn and the play equipment. The play equipment is surrounded by large sand-filled area and includes timbers laid and interconnected for balancing acts as well as a playset with a slide and platforms. The basketball court is good especially you bring some chalk to mark out the lines. There are tennis courts around the back of facility which can be reached by using the old Panaroma trail, now called the Eric Sherwood Trail. This trail follows beside East Saanich Road along the southern side of the parking area, up along the back areas of the parking lot then through the forest area before reaching Forest Park Road across from Kelset Elementary School. The ice rink, swimming pool and other exercise rooms are in the Recreation Center. The Eric Sherwood Trail is about one kilometer.
Geographic coordinates N48° 37′ 30″ W123° 25′ 14″
You can get to Panorama Recreation Center Park from Pat Bay highway. Leave the highway at Exit 26, the McTavish Interchange, a unique and confusing series of roundabouts that make a multi-circle roadway overpass. Take the third exit onto McTavish Road then take the second exit to stay on McTavish Road. Follow McTavish Road to the East Saanich Road intersection. Turn left onto East Saanich Road and look for the Center on the right. Turn right onto Forest Park Drive and then left into the parking area. Alternatively, catch bus 70 to this park from along East Saanich Road.

1 thought on “Panorama Recreation Center Park

  1. North Saannch wants to put library where trails are on Panorama Recreation site when new extension of Sidney library already in progress. I am concerned about wildlife etc on site as well as Panorama was not given to CRD for this purpose

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