Lomond Ferry Green Space, North Saanich

white houseLocated just south of the Institute of Ocean Sciences, the Lomond Ferry, or the White House Stables, is a nine-room home built in 1912 and enlarged over the next five years. This heritage building was built by Andrew Cox, a Scotsman who moved with his children to the Saanich Peninsula. The private farmhouse is a foursquare design with two and half stories. This building has a central dormer on its box shape with symmetrical front entry, boxed eaves and paired brackets. The inviting full-width front porch and surrounding white painted buildings and stables are picturesque. Locally known as the White House Stables, the facility provides farm feed and services to the Saanich Peninsula area.

Geographic coordinates  N48° 38′ 51″ W123° 27′ 11″

You can get to the Lomond Ferry Green Space from Pat Bay Highway.  Leave the highway at Exit 26, the McTavish Interchange, an unique and confusing series of roundabouts that make a multi-circle roadway overpass. Take the third exit onto McTavish Road then take the first exit onto Canora Road. Continue onto Willingdon Road and at the next normal roundabout, take the second exit to stay on Willingdon Road. Pass the airport entrance and continue to West Saanich Road. Turn left at the intersection. Continue past the buildings and parking areas to the homestead nicknamed the White House. This is a private residence with a business and can be visited via whitehousestables.com

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