Glenelg Avenue Beach and Green Spaces, North Saanich

Glenelg Avenue BeachGlenelg Avenue lies in the Ardmore neighborhood of North Saanich. Ardmore is a Gaelic term meaning “large headland” which relates to “homes beside the sea.” Glenelg is a term that refers to glens. The avenue is oriented roughly north to south on the Saanich Peninsula and has three right-of-way green spaces with gravel trails that allow exploration in your backyard. The gravel pathway from the corner of Glenelg Avenue and Ardmore Drive leads a hundred and thirty meters to the sand and cobble beach along Saanich Inlet. There is rustic bench at the top of the staircase. The view is to the west across the water of the Salish Sea. The beach pathway is shaded by cedar and Douglas-fir trees and various shrubs. This pathway is hemmed in by the fences of adjacent properties making it a secluded green space.
Glenelg Avenue Green Spaces are across Ardmore Drive and away from the beach trail. These gravel pathways are about one hundred and fifty meters long and wander through the Ardmore neighborhood along the right-of-way of Glenelg Avenue to reach the southern sections of this rural road. The middle section of Glenelg Avenue Green Space can be reached by strolling south along the avenue and across Bradley Dyne Road. The middle green space is surrounded by tall Douglas-fir trees and crosses Dalkeith Avenue. The southern section is reached by strolling across the busier Braemar Avenue. The trail restarts across Braemar Ave and continues the two hundred meters to Aboyne Avenue. These green spaces are frequented by dog walkers, hikers and horse riders. A circle loop can be made by heading east along Aboyne Avenue and then north following along the green spaces and trail of Hartfell Avenue.
Geographic coordinates N48° 38′ 40″ W123° 27′ 48″
You can get to Glenelg Avenue Beach and Trail from Pat Bay Highway. Leave the highway at Exit 26, the McTavish Interchange, a unique and confusing series of roundabouts that make a multi-circle roadway overpass. Take the third exit onto McTavish Road then take the second exit to stay on McTavish Road. Follow McTavish Road past the East Saanich Intersection and continue until you reach West Saanich Road (BC 17A North) turn right onto West Saanich Road. Follow along West Saanich Road past Ardmore Golf Course and turn at the northern end Ardmore Drive. The southern end of Ardmore Drive is beside the golf course. Follow Ardmore Drive to reach the intersection with Glenelg Avenue. The beach access on the west side of this intersection and the trail is on the eastern side. There is limited roadside parking on either Glenelg Avenue or Ardmore Drive.

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