Tsaykum Road Green Spaces

A quiet narrow urban street, Tsaycum Road parallels West Saanich Road near the shores of Patricia Bay in North Saanich. The spelling seems to be both Tsaykum or Tsaycum. A gravel footpath provides the connection between the north and south end of the road. At the northern end of Tsaykum Road tall Douglas-fir and cedar trees shade the hundred and ten meter path that leads West Saanich Road. The beach at Patricia Bay is reached by crossing this busy road. Strolling south along Tsaykum Road leads to the footpath that connects to the south end. This gravel foot path is about fifteen meters long.   The northern end of Tsaykum Road is a paved gated section. Used for emergency  access from Mills Road, this grassy green space is shaded by several Garry oak trees. The green spaces are used by dog walker, hikers, cyclists and horse riders.

Geographic coordinates N48° 39′ 45″ W123° 26′ 57″

This green space can be reached from Pat Bay Highway.  Turn left at Beacon Avenue and follow the road as it curves to become McDonald Park Road. Turn left at the intersection with Mills Road.  Follow Mills Road to the junction of Mills and West Saanich roads. Turn right and continue to Munro Road. Turn right on Munro Road and take the first left onto Tsaykum Road. The trail is at the end of the road with limited roadside parking.


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