Sangster Road Green Space

A lovely narrow road that lies parallel to Mills Road in North Saanich is Sangster Road. There are two gravel pathways connecting the east and west sections of he road that encourage exploration in your backyard. The easternmost green spaces contains a narrow gravel pathway that is shaded by Garry oak and maple trees with a few Douglas fir. This trail is about fifty meters. The western green space has a pathway about twice that distance and less sheltered due to the neighboring yards. This trail leads to West Saanich Road across from Patricia Bay. Other nearby greens spaces include the Flight Path which lies on the other side of Mills Road and just across West Saanich Road are Patricia Bay Beach Park and Scoter Trail.

Geographic coordinates N48° 39′ 24″ W123° 26′ 27″

This park can be reached from Pat Bay Highway.  Turn left at Beacon Avenue and follow the road as it curves to become McDonald Park Road. Turn left at the intersection with Mills Road.  Follow Mills Road over the hill and as you begin to see the Holy Trinity church and its parking lot, on the left, look for Meadland Road to the right. Turn onto Meadland Road and, almost immediately, turn left onto Sangster Road. There is limited roadside parking.

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