Glamorgan Farm, North Saanich

glamorgan farmA functional farm established in 1870 is located on three and half hectares of land in North Saanich. Glamorgan Farm has been in operation since the Welshman Richard John of Glamorganshire settled on the Saanich Peninsula property.  The original two hundred hectares of farmland included the area presently occupied by the Victoria International Airport. In the early 1900s the large farm property was subdivided which allowed a model farm to be built with fields, paddocks, fences, log barn and log private residence. The visionary for the model farm came from the entrepreneur John Samuel Henry Matson, a familiar name to many people since he owned the Times Colonist newspaper and initiated ferry service to the Gulf Islands. The unique collection of historical buildings is a significant to the agricultural and pioneer history of North Saanich. This property is presently privately owned. After a visit here stroll along the Littlewood-Glamorgan-Munro Trail or visit the Free Ride Bike Park.

Geographic coordinates  N48° 39′ 33″ W123° 29′ 36″

You can get to the Glamorgan Farm from Pat Bay Highway.  Follow the highway out to Sidney and turn left at Beacon Avenue and continue as the road curves to become McDonald Park Road. Continue through the intersection with Mill Road and look for Glamorgan Road to the left. Turn left and look for Glamorgan Farm and property at 1805.

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