Tseycum Reserve Green Space, North Saanich

Tseycum Reserve Trail bridgeA flat gravel trail alongside a lovely creek makes up the Tseycum Reserve Green Space. Bordered by a long cedar hedge and fencing for the estates to the east, the pathway connects John Road with Munro Road. There is a small green metal bridge across Wsikem (Tseycum) Creek which drains into Patricia Bay near Munro and West Saanich roads. A ten year old stream stewardship program started a riparian area rehabilitation for the hopeful return of chum fry that were released into Wsikem Creek. This program seems to be in stasis as the creek appears overgrown from the bridge.

Geographic coordinates  N48° 39’ 44″ W123° 26′ 39″

You can get to Tseycum Reserve Green Space from Pat Bay Highway.  Follow the highway out to Sidney and turn left at Beacon Avenue and continue as the road curves to become McDonald Park Road. At the intersection turn left onto Mills Road and continue along to the rise in the hill and turn right onto Wilson Road. Take Wilson Road to the junction with Munro Road. Turn left on to Munro Road and look for the trail marker beside the pump facility on the right. There is limited roadside parking.

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