Towner Road Trail

Skirting along the shoreline and waterfront homes of Towner Bay, the Towner Road Trail connects Towner Road to Derrick Road and to Towner Park Road. A lovely trail through second growth Douglas fir forest while surrounded by residential homes, the trail can be reached from the southern end of Derrick Road as well as from the west end of Towner Park Road. The pathway is gravel along some sections and in other the trail is padded with wood chips. Either way this route is lovely along its one hundred and seventy meter length from Derrick Road as there is only a slight slope. The trail from the end of Towner Road to Towner Park Road is more rolling and curving over its two hundred and fifty meter length. This part of the trail meanders along the ridge of small creek that drains into Towner Bay, passes by a garden with some large rhododendrons. This pathway is a great spot to walk your dog, include in a cycling tour of Deep Cove as well as just relax and meander along.

Geographic coordinates  N48° 40′ 17″ W123° 28′ 18″

You can get to Towner Road Trail from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach ferry terminal follow the signs that lead to McDonald Park – Wain Road.  Stay to the right as you exit the highway and curve up to cross over the overpass. At the intersection turn left onto Wain Road.  Continue on Wain Road past West Saanich Road until you reach Derrick Road. Turn left and continue along Derrick Road until you reach the junction with Norris Road. Look for the hiking trail marker across the intersection. There is roadside parking.

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