Deep Cove Road Green Spaces

Surrounded by private residential homes and moored boats, the Deep Cove Road Green Space starts at the shoreline of the Salish Sea and extends to a pathway through the forest. The first part of the green space is leads to the twenty meter long Blaauw Pier which is right beside the Deep Cove Marina and facilities. Blaauw Pier is a North Saanich heritage site. Its creation, by Bill Blaauw, nearly 100 years ago has been retained during reconstruction over the years. The pilings are cross braced and heavy planks for the tread way.  This pier is good platform for watching summertime sunsets. The shore side near the marina provides a place to view waters of Saanich Inlet while the wharves may be useful to access the waters for SCUBA diving and kayaking, with permission. Enjoy the views of Mount Tuam on Salt Spring Island and the waters of the Deep Cove and the Salish Sea. This is a great  place to start a walk around the neighborhood of Deep Cove in North Saanich.

The second section of Deep Cove Road Green Space is reached by walking past the mailboxes beside the rural Deep Cove Road to the trail that connects to Cromar Road. This one hundred meter long trail is just a few meters east of Denham Till Park, a lovely forested parkland. The trail is bordered by Western red cedar and Douglas-fir trees with

Geographic coordinates  N48° 40′ 44″ W123° 28′ 41″ to near Blaauw Pier

You can get to Deep Cove Road Green Space from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach ferry terminal follow the signs that lead to McDonald Park – Wain Road.  Stay to the right as you exit the highway and curve up to cross over the overpass. At the intersection turn left onto Wain Road.  Continue on Wain Road past West Saanich Road until you reach Deep Cove Road. Turn right and look marina and facilities. There is limited roadside parking and the marina parking area is restricted.

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