Heather Road Park and Green Spaces

The green spaces of Heather Road contain pathways that connect to the elaborate trail system in North Saanich’s Lands End neighborhood. The parkland, located on the corner of Heather and Clayton roads, makes a good meeting site for a stroll along the rolling rural farmlands that border on Heather Road and its pathways. This park is a wildlife park with alder, cedar and fir trees and other vegetation. Stretching about a kilometer from Clayton Road to Acorn Place off of Hillgrove Road is the Heather Road Green Space. This narrow rural roadway, which runs north-south, is protected by the overhanging boughs of the coniferous and deciduous trees. There are pathways that connect with Maple, Cypress and Tatlow roads.  After crossing over Tatlow Road, near Laurel Road, this green space and trail climbs toward Hillgrove Road and Acorn Place.

Geographic coordinates N48° 40′ 50″ W123° 27′ 4″

You can get to Heather Road Green Space from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach the BC Ferry Terminal follow the signs that lead to McDonald Park -Wain Road.  Stay to the right as you curve off the highway and continue up to cross over the overpass. At the intersection turn left onto Wain Road. Once you reach West Saanich Road turn right and look for the school buildings on the right side of West Saanich Road. Turn right onto Clayton Road, past the school yard and look for parking near the next road which is Heather Road. The wildlife park is on the southeast corner of Clayton and Heather roads.


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