Moses Point Beach Access, North Saanich

Moses Point Beach is a good site for swimming, seasonally, as well as, a wonderful place to enjoy the quiet of this North Saanich neighborhood while overlooking the Salish Sea. This green space with a beach access is located near the curve of Lands End Road where it becomes Chalet Road. Moses Point, named for a mid 1800’s hop farmer, gold seeker and hotelier named Daniel Moses, protects the waters of Deep Cove. Deep Cove lies between Moses and Coal points. Its waters contain the large pinnacle called Wain Rock. Wain Rock is marked for navigation and makes a nice diving, kayaking  and fishing destination. The protected waters of Deep Cove contain numerous private moorings and the Deep Cove Marina, with seasonal facilities. There are many opportunities for wonderful photographs in this lovely seaside neighborhood of North Saanich. The hundred meter trail to the beach is bordered by a chain link fence and some large cedar and arbutus trees. Underfoot look for sword ferns and salal. The beach is mostly rocky with some gravel crushed shells and sandy areas at low tides. It is good for kayak launching too. This beach faces mostly northward and has view of Salt Spring Island and Cherry Point which are separated by Cowichan Bay and Samsun Narrows.

Geographic coordinates N48° 41′ 23″ W123° 29′ 0″

You can get to this green space from Pat Bay Highway. As you near the ferry terminal in Swartz Bay, turn to exit onto McDonald Park-Wain Road. Continue along the road as it curves to the right onto the overpass which leads to the junction with Wain Road. Turn left onto Wain Road. Follow Wain Road until you reach Tatlow Road. Turn right onto Tatlow and follow its rolling agricultural lands across West Saanich Road to Chalet Road. Travel right on Chalet Road and look for Moses Point Road, to the left, as Chalet Road begins to curves to around headland of the Saanich Peninsula. Chalet Road becomes Lands End Road at this junction. The trail to the beach is partway along Moses Point Road which is on the right.  There is limited road side parking along either Lands End Road or Moses Point Road.


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