Sycamore Park, North Saanich

Cloake Hill Lookout Park or Sycamore Park is near the summit of Cloake Hill which is about 157 meters. It is about 20 meters higher than Horth Hill in Horth Hill Park. With glimpses of Mount Taum on Saltspring Island the trails in Sycamore Park on Cloak Hill are beautiful. The main pathway includes about twenty stairs and leads to a well placed bench. On clear days Saltspring Island, Portland Island and the Salish Sea can be enjoyed. This is a quiet peaceful half a hectare neighborhood park to include while out for your walks in your backyard. It is just meters away from to two other wildlife park called Highview Park South and North.


Geographical coordinates at 48 41′ 30″ 123 27′ 2″

You can get to Sycamore Park from Pat Bay Highway.  Before you reach ferry terminal follow the signs that lead to Lands End Road.  Cross over the overpass and continue on Lands End Road to West Saanich Road. Turn onto West Saanich Road then left onto Reading Drive. Continue to up the hill to Sycamore Drive turn to reach Hickory Drive.  Westview Place will be on the right and has limited roadside parking near the sign for the park.

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