Horth Hill Regional Park

Horth Hill Park inukshuk Horth Hill Park arbutusA Capital Regional District park since 1966, Horth Hill Park provides the opportunity to stroll through western red cedar, Douglas fir, sword ferns and into a Garry Oak meadow land near the summit. Broad leaf maple trees are seen along the edges of the parkland since the dense canopy formed by the boughs of the cedar and fir trees blocks light to the forest floor in many areas. The climb to 136 meters is made easier with the long sweeping switchback trails leading panoramic views of Saanich Peninsula, Salish Sea and Gulf Islands. This forest area has some great trails which are shared with runner, walkers, dogs and horses.  There are toilets near the parking lot.  The signs and direction markers help with navigating the trails in this thirty-one hectare parkland. A lovely and popular park.

Geographic coordinates N48° 40′ 58″ W123° 26′ 13″

You can get to Horth Hill from Pat Bay Highway. Before you reach near the ferry terminal in Swartz Bay, turn onto McDonald Park Road and circle up to the highway overpass. This takes you the junction with Wain Road. Turn left on Wain Road to reach Tatlow Road. Turn right onto Tatlow Road until you reach Willow Road. Turn right as indicated by the signage for the park  and look for the paved parking area on the right.

Alternatively this park can be reached from many trails in North Saanich. Littlewood Road via Wain Road provides access to the eastern end of the parkland. Hedgerow Drive via Lands End Road provides access to the northern side of this park. And Eagle Way has a trail that leads into Horth Hill. Bus 70 or 72 will take you only to the overpass from there it is about a 30 minute walk to the park.

For the trail map of the Horth Hill Park, see the CRD brochure.

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