Gardner’s Pond, North Saanich

Gardner's Pond 2

Originally created for collection of peat moss and farming of blueberries in the nineteen fifties by the Gardner family, this private pond is now home to a diverse number of migratory and resident birds as well as other wildlife. The ponds forms part of the watershed of Chalet Creek which drains into the waters of Deep Cove. The nearly four hundred meter  trail provides views of the shallow murky waters from the western side of the pond. Alder and cottonwood trees grow at the pond’s edge . This trail can be wet as it skirts between pond and private residences. Gardner Pond is a peaceful area to stroll or  watch the birds. There is a bench near the water’s edge too.

Geographic coordinates to Mulberry Place N48° 41′ W123° 26′ 51″

You can get here from Pat Bay Highway.  Exit the highway onto McDonald Park-Wain Road and use the overpass to circle around and over to reach Wain Road. Turn left onto Wain Road and travel along until Tatlow Road, which exits to the right. Take the first left off of Tatlow Road onto Alder Road. As you go up the hill look for the hiking trail maker on the right. There is limited road side parking along Alder Road. Continue to the junction with Maple Road where you will see another hiking marker; this trail leads to  the junctions with either Clayton, Tatlow or Wain roads. To reach Gardner Pond continue on Maple Road to turn right onto Mulberry Place. There is limited parking beside the trailhead at the end of the cul-de-sac.

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