Nymph Point Park, North Saanich

Located in Tsehum Harbour with views of the Salish Sea, this rocky parkland is named for an eight-gun sloop that surveyed the local waters in the late nineteen hundreds. The park has two parts: the first is a short trail through a cedar forest grove. The second section is the promontory with a trail along the shoreline under the large cedar, Arbutus and oak trees. This trail leads to a bench located near the lookout point. This lookout point is composed of terrace granite rocks. This is a terrific spot to watch a sunrise. There is a pathway down to and along the ridge of the breakwater for Blue Heron Basin. This rock barrier protects the docks and boats of private residents, Capital City Yacht Club, Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. On the eastern slope of the park is a coarse sandy beach that can be accessed from along the trail.  Near the beach are piles of broken shells amongst organic debris. These middens are the very old remnants from the seasonal usage by the Tseycum First Nations.  This park is a national historical place because of the middens and its historical namesake.

Geographic coordinates N48° 40′ 30″ W123° 25′ 1″

You can reach Nymph Point Park from Pat Bay Highway. Before you reach the ferry terminal turn right onto McDonald Park Road and then left onto Marina Way. This road leads to Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club and North Saanich Marina. There are two routes into Nymph Point. The first route starts from the trail on Marina Way and is beside 1943Marina Way. The sign for the park is here. This section leads to the parking lot and the second part of the trail. Cross the parking lot, toward the gate for the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club docks and look for the wood chip trail along the shore line. You could also park in this parking lot where permitted. The city bus travels along McDonald Park Road past this park.

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