Elderberry Way Green Space

Formed by the easement between properties in North Saanich, this green space is a second growth forest of cedar, Douglas-fir, arbutus and maple trees. The canopy of the trees shades most of the understory yet there are plenty of smaller plants like ferns and salal to enjoy on your walk. The green space contains an excellent yet strenuous natural trail that climbs up the hill near Elderberry Way. The trail has about a forty meter rise over about a half kilometer, if you hike to the junction with Calypso Lane. The trail connects the roadside trail along Lands End Road with the network of trails between Horth Hill Park and Green Park. This trail network can be reached from the turnabout of Elderberry Way as well as part way along both Tanager Road and Calypso Lane.

Geographic coordinates N48° 41’ 21” W123° 25’ 24” along Lands End Road

You can get to this green space from Pat Bay Highway. As you near the ferry terminal in Swartz Bay, stay to the right to exit the highway. At the light turn left and follow the signs to Lands End Road. Travel along Lands End Road for about three kilometers and look for the trailhead before Elderberry Way. Alternatively turn left onto Elderberry Way to access the trail from the end of this road.  There is very limited road side parking.


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