HMS Plumper Park, North Saanich


Her Majesty’s Ship Plumper, a survey ship during her last commission, provides the name for this ecological reserve park overlooking the seashore of Tsehum Harbour. For those curious, the image of this three-masted barque is on the shield that forms part of the crest for the town of Sidney. The natural trail circles down though the Douglas-fir trees to a wooden bench that provides a view of Tsehum Harbour’s tidal island called Resthaven, another lovely place to stroll and the yachts on moorings or at the docks at Van Isle Marina. This is a peaceful spot to rest.

Geographic coordinates 48° 40’ 35”N 123° 24’ 24”W

You can get to HMS Plumper Park by traveling north on Pat Bay Highway (#17). Just before you reach ferry terminal follow the signs that lead to Lands End Road.  Turn east on Kitti Wake Place then south toward West Port Marina and follow the rolling curves of Tryon Road. Keep an eye out for Prentice Place on the left as the park sign will be around the next curve, on the right. There is limited roadside parking. The natural trail to the ocean view and bench is short.


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