Piers Island Government Wharf and Green Space

Piers Island is the large island immediately off Swartz Bay. Its shoreline is dotted with cottages and homes. This community is part of the Capital Regional District Southern Gulf Island Electoral Area rather than part of North Saanich. The access to this island can be from the Swartz Bay Government Wharf, so it is included here. The public triangular shaped dock on Piers Island is used mainly by the three hundred island residents, many who live there part-time. The public green space is the road that circles the island, called Piers Island Road and McKenzie Crescent. This road is just over three kilometers and is bordered on the arbutus, oak and cedar trees on the center of the island and private properties on the shoreline. The area in the center of island is not public land and has limited access.  The natural forest provides the canopy for the Oregon grape, salal and lilies. Biscoe Beach on the northwest side of the island provides a peaceful place to watch the variety of yachts that ply the waters of Satellite Channel. Just be wary of the wake from passing boats, sometimes the waves are suddenly quite large. There are no public amenities on the island and theses islands are wary of visitors. Please take everything that you bring away with you.

Piers Island Government Wharf is located west of Wilhelm Point at geographic position of N48° 42′ 03″  W123° 24′ 42”

To reach Piers Island you need at private boat. The directions provided here bring you to the government wharf in Swartz Bay. You can get to the Swartz Bay wharf by traveling north on Pat Bay Highway (#17).  Before you reach ferry terminal follow the signs that lead to Lands End Road.  Continue straight after the traffic light and stay on Dolphin Road. As you pass the ferry terminal’s chain link fence, look on the left for the government dock at Barnacle Road. There is large gravel parking lot on the left side of the road.

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