Fernie Wynd Trail and Green Space

Part way along Fernie Wynd Road is a green space with a wide natural trail to the terrific seaside vista from Curtis Point. There is even a comfortable bench to enjoy the peacefulness of the Douglas-fir forest with an ocean view. Curtis Point borders on the northern side of Teshum Harbour. Seals are often spotted on the submerged rocks just off shore. Looking northward from this green space you’ll see Kamaree Islet, Fernie Island and Coal Island. Looking southward you can just see the cluster of three smaller islands called the Shell Islands. The roads in Curtis Point are rural and quiet so this area can be comfortably explored on foot. At the edge of the trail is a chain link fence that prevents falls to the shore about three meters below.

Geographic coordinates N48° 40’ 38” W123° 23’ 56”

You can get to Fernie Wynd Road beach access by traveling north on Pat Bay Highway (#17).  Before you reach ferry terminal follow the signs that lead to Lands End Road.  Turn east onto Kitti Wake Place then south toward Westport Marina and east again to follow twists and rolling hills of Tryon Road as it curves around Swartz Head to Fernie Wynd Road. This road leads to Curteis Point. The trail is a short walk to the water’s edge. There is limited parking along the roadside.

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