Thetis Lake-Mount Work Connector Green Space

This linear green space and rough trail connects the northernmost trails of Thetis Lake Park to Munn Road near Mount Work Park. Douglas-fir and western red cedar forests as well as lowland meadows make this trail an excellent hike. The moss covered logging stumps and rocks provide a lush green landscape year round. Wear appropriate foot wear for strolling along wetland areas as well as the rocky outcrops. This green space was acquired through a covenant agreement with the land owners so respect the private property signs.

This green space can be access from Munn Road. You can get here by exiting north off the TransCanada Highway north at the Millstream Road exit. Follow Millstream Road to the junction with Munn Road. Turn right off Millstream Road onto Munn Road and proceed with care on this very sinuous road to reach the parking lot for Mount Work. Park here and walk back along Munn Road, about 100 meters, westward to reach Deanna Place. The trail is narrow and rough. You can also access this connector trail from the many trails of the northern part of Thetis Lake Park in area near Stewart Mountain and Scafe Hill as well as from end of Davis Road, Taylor Road and the trails off Stewart Mountain Road. These roads connect with Millstream Road and have very limited roadside parking near the rather obscure trailheads.

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