Willis Point Parks and Playgrounds

Willis Point, while not part of the Highlands district, is included here. The Willis Point Community, located in the Capital Regional District Juan de Fuca Electoral Area, is clustered on the end of a promontory that projects into Saanich Inlet.  While it borders on the districts of Central Saanich and Saanich, it curiously is outside the boundaries of all three areas.

The community borders on and provides access to the Gowlland – Tod Provincial Park.  You can access the park from either end of Mark Lane. On the eastern end of Mark Lane is a small beach overlooking the entrance to Tod Inlet, a small inlet off of Saanich Inlet. Often you can see the yachts anchored in the bay or look across to Butchart Gardens. The western end of Mark Lane permits access to a trail that leads to McKenzie Bight, a small bay forming the outlet of Pease Creek.  Both areas are lovely to visit year round.

There is a small neighborhood park, Pears Memorial Park, on Willis Point Road. Situated near the Fire Hall and Community Center, the park has a tennis and basketball court. There is a slide, swing, and merry-go-round.  A grassy area provides a great space to toss a frisbee too.

You can get to the both Mark Lane and the Pears Memorial Park by from Pat Bay Highway. Exit onto Royal Oak Drive to connect with West Saanich Road. Follow West Saanich Road to the junction with Wallace Drive. The Willis Point Road exits off Wallace Drive shortly after that junction. Stay on Willis Point Road until the Fire Hall and Community Center is seen to the right. There is limited parking near Pears Memorial Park on the gravel parking lot in front of the hall. If you continue along the road only a bit further it connects to Mark Lane to allow access the park and trail.

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