Philip Brethour Park and Brethour Family Cemetery

This small residential park is near the Victoria Airport hangers. Philip Brethour Park is partly a lovely grass baseball diamond and part sheltered forest area.  The fenced ball diamond is well marked and has bleachers. The western border of the park is protected by a small forest area with trails that meander between cedar and fir trees. The park is bordered by residential homes on the south and eastern sides.

Located closer to the airport hangers along Canora Road, the Brethour Family Cemetery is the burial site used in 1877 for Samuel Brethour’s family.  The Brethour family acquired the lands when the Hudson Bay Company encouraged settlers to the area. The original 500 acres were divided amongst the children who helped to establish the township of Sidney. The graveyard has a protective border of hedges and trees including a Kilmarnock willow tree, Salix caprea and Camperdown Elm tree, Ulmus glabra, a form of Scotch elm; visit with respect and care.

You can get the Brethour Park and cemetery from Pat Bay Highway.  Turn left at Beacon Ave, toward the airport, then immediately left again onto Ocean Avenue.  The ball diamond is on Ocean Avenue with limited roadside parking.  The cemetery is further along the road near the Vancouver Island Helicopter hangar on Canora Road.   A bus travels along a section of Ocean Avenue and provides the closest access to the park.  It is a short walk along Canora Road to reach Reay Creek Park and Greenglade Community Center green space.

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