Lochside Regional Trail, Sidney-by-the-Sea

The Lochside Regional Trail is a multi-use trail that connects the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal to Victoria, approximately 30 kilometer away. The trail passes through Sidney and continues onto Sannich, Victoria and further. This well traveled trail is frequented by bicyclists from all over the world as well as many local residents.

From the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal the trail follows the Pat Bay Highway to enter Sidney-by-the-Sea at the junction with MacDonald Park Drive. Most the trail in this area is paved. The bicycle and pedestrian trail reconnects to parallel Highway 17, within a couple of kilometers, as the trail continues across Beacon Avenue, near the Sidney Information Center in Bevan Park. The trail passes near the Skateboard Park and then provides an option: continue to parallel the highway or turn onto Eighth Street then Ocean Avenue and pass by Iroquois Park, with its amenities. The trail turns at the traffic circle to run parallel with Fifth Street/Lochside Drive passing the US Ferry Terminal, Tulista Park and Lochside Waterfront Park.

All the roads mentioned above will allow access to the Lochside Regional Trail. There is limited parking in some areas and check where you park for time limits. There are many bus options to access the trail from along Fifth Street, Lochside Drive or MacDonald Park Drive.


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