Resthaven Park

Resthaven Park overlooks the Fisheries’ Wharf and Marina in All Bay and contains some beautiful plant displays, grassy knolls, and rock walls. The area is frequently used for picnics and by pet owners.  The play equipment includes toddler swings and a fenced area with an elaborate playset designed by Impland with a slide, elevated bridge and climbing bars.  There is a tennis court near the townhouses on the northwestern end of the park. Benches are available along the paved walkways in the park as well as several picnic tables.  The walkway starts near the wharf parking area and leads around Resthaven Island into Resthaven Linear Park.  Another interesting area to explore is the beach accesses off Armstrong Point.


You can get to Resthaven Park from Pat Bay Highway.  You turn at the MacDonald Park Road exit and follow the road to Resthaven Drive.  The park is on the left at a curve in the drive.  There is a parking lot that is part of the Fisheries’ Wharf parking which is restricted so park near the tennis courts to the northwestern end of the parkland or along Resthaven Drive.  The public bus travels along Resthaven Drive.


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